Evolution Wall Printing

The Future in Wall Design

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The first time I saw a video of this vertical printer in action, I knew I wanted to get one and set up a business using this new technology.  Covid put the plan on hold for a few years, but the idea stayed in my head.  Once the borders opened we took a trip to Wilmington North Carolina and met with Paul Baron and his team at the head office of The Wall Printer.  Not only were we impressed with the machine, but t​​​​he company had a very good vibe and the seeds of Evolution Wall Printing had been planted.
We want to be proud of the work we do, using your ideas we can design what you need. The better the quality of the image used the better the quality of the image. The good thing is the image will be converted to a Vector Image and therefore will not lose clarity when enlarged.
Think of what you want and let's see how we can make it happen.

Child's Room

Give your child's room a theme or a large mural.

Wall Art and Design

We can print artwork, murals and designs right on your wall.


We can print your logo and business name directly on flat surfaces.


We can print small signs or professional presentation material.


We can print any image you supply with quality based on the original.